Friday, May 16, 2014

Update to the flip quest

Once again ... everything previously shown is pending! I got some goodies in the mail yesterday as well though. Here are the new things: I did a deal with Nervo and got these:

He also sent me along these for free! (these freebies are pending now, btw)

THANKS NERVO!!! Another deal I did was with mgugs46

I know I've gotten some Mantles and such, but the card that has caught my eye the most out of this entire flip quest is the Cespedes TTT in the pic above! I love it. An autograph, with green, white and gold jersey pieces! It is pretty much perfect. I'm keeping the Cespedes for now just so it can sit on my desk and I can stare at it for a while :) Thanks for the deal mgugs46!! I love all the cards you sent, and hope you enjoy yours as well!

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