Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flip Quest Update + Other Various Musings

Okay, several things to cover:

Flip Quest: I sold almost everything, and the majority of what is left over is pending. Here are a few items I got in the mail yesterday, though:


A few notes: the TTT card above ... cool beans! The Cano auto is my fave through this haul and #ed to 56. How can you beat a Spring Fever design with an auto ... of Cano?!?! The Fergie is # to 35 and the Scherzer is hand #'ed to 99. BTW, the Pink A-Gon is now A-Gone.

I have made a quantum leap with this flip quest, which you can see where we are at by clicking the flip quest link .  It just might be time to buy daddy something nice for his pc.  Me being daddy, of course!

Next up:  Remember that stockpile of boxes?  I am FINALLY in the black.  Yes, I have over 300 boxes that are now free and clear (pops champagne!)  It is a very good feeling, though not nearly as satisfying when selling them, since I have already hit my goal.  I guess the goal has now shifted to exclusively getting rid of them all.  Let's bring on the trades!

This is actually a perfect segway into my next item of discussion: CUSTOMS!  I traded one of my boxes for a nice autographed baseball of Ken Griffey Jr.

Wait a second!  "What's that next to it?"  It is a 1989 Upper Deck MINOR LEAGUE Ken Griffey Jr. Custom Rookie, of course!

The Kid gave an interview recently and said that Upper Deck had photoshopped out his minor league logo for Mariner duds so he could dawn the 89 Upper Deck set as a major leaguer.  I decided to just photoshop it back in and make it a real card.

Could you imagine the moola this puppy could go for if it were a real card produced by Upper Deck, and only a few made it into circulation?  I think it would make the '90 Topps Frank Thomas NNOF card look like a 1989 Topps Mike Gallego!  No offense to Gallego, btw - I like him!

Then I wondered, what if Griffey had played for my favorite team, the A's?  So I got a little goofy ...

The whole world may like the minor league card so much more, but as an A's fan ... well ... this one takes the cake!

Did I mention I did some 1993 SP Foil customs?  Derek Jeter who?  When you have Craig Biggio ...

And this hot rookie ...


Finally, I shall close with a football card:

THICK National Treasures card with a piece of the glove embedded in it (the NFL Shield is part of the glove)

The more I do this, the more I enjoy it. For some reason, this scratches the itch that the major companies just can't get at, because they are custom made for personal collections. They also have seemed to have done a great job of bringing people closer to the game by being a great conversation piece between player and fan. I'm truly grateful to be able to make these!  


  1. Love the biggio bro! You should get it signed at Tri-Star:)

    BTW, I'll be set-up there, so come by and visit!

    1. Very cool! I'll definitely say howdy. I would love to get the Biggio signed, but the autos are pricey. I did end up getting a Glavine ticket though through someone else.

  2. very nice...BTW, this sunday there is a card show in Katy--of course I'll be setting up shop there.

    If interested, here are details:


    1. You know what - I was going to pass that one up, as I never go out to Katy, but as fate would have it, I just might be 3 minutes down the road picking up a large haul of sports cards, so I just might pop my head in!

  3. Cool, hope to you see you; otherwise, will catch you at Tri-Star!

    Take care.