Saturday, May 24, 2014

My flip quest has taken quite the unconventional turn ...

For those of you who have participated in, or have been following along with my flip quest you have seen that it has changed quite a bit recently. It went from just baseball, to baseball, soccer, hockey, football, racing, basketball, etc.

 Well, folks - we have reached another level.

 This might give you feelings like Allen & Ginter did when they started introducing duck callers with a piece of their flannel into their boxes, but here it is for better or for worse. I personally think it is better, because it diversifies things so much more.

 I want to keep this mainly baseball, but last night, I was considering going with my wife to garage sales in the morning. After a string of bad luck at them, I decided to take a breather from them. I was having too much fun making cards Saturday mornings anyway! Then it hit me - I am sitting on a good amount of cash generated from my flip quest to re-invest. I have a small card show tomorrow, and a bigger one the next weekend (Tri-Star ... my Christmas!) but thought about something else. Why not use some of the money to invest in garage sale goodness?

 So I did.

 Some of you might think I'm looney for getting this stuff. And please, don't try this at home - leave this to the professionals, or you may get strange looks from your wife asking why you bought a 20 foot tall blow up cake to re-sell. (No, I didn't get a 20 foot blow up cake ... this time.)

 I was considering not showing what I paid for each thing, but what the heck ... I loathe when people post pics of what they bought, and leave out what they paid! I'll get straight to it. Today, I invested $68 into the following items to re-sell or trade:

 Some kids play things: ($5)

Epson Ultra Hi-Definition Printer (no usb cord) $20 - this was purchased at a fund raiser for a child in need of medical attention.

61 serving plates from an Applebee's restaurant $8 - this is my "WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?" purchase for the day - I have at least one each time I go out garage saling!

5 security cameras $15 - I am probably going to keep one for my family, and give one to my folks

Medium Panthers jersey #23 .50

Laminated autographed menu by Paula Deen and her sons .50 - I forgive you for all the racial things you said, Paula ... as long as the menu sells!

Windows Vista $1

Mega Bloks set $2

Scrapbooking Machine $16

Over all, I feel like I did pretty good! Some items may take some time to sell, but hopefully they will all sell VERY QUICKLY and for A LOT so I can roll it all back into my flip quest! 

So, here is where we are:

Here are the card/cash totals I have currently to deal:
2011 Leaf Metal Bubba Starling auto
2013 Heritage Gold jersey Max Scherzer hand #/99
2008 SP Legendary Cuts Fergie Jenkins GU #/35
1993 Topps Jeter Rookie BGS 8.5
2002 Leaf Limited Threads Hank Blalock Patch #/100
2002 Leaf Limited TNT Bat/Patch [URL=]#100[/URL]
2003 Leaf Certified Materials Rickey Henderson Jersey #/102
2002 EX Rickey Henderson Jersey
2002 Topps 206 Arod Bat
2003 Leaf Fabric of the Game Manny Ramirez Jersey #/100
2001 SP Legendary Cuts Maury Wills Bat
Fabric of the Game Rickey Henderson Jersey
Fabric of the Game Rickey Henderson Jersey
Fabric of the Game Rickey Henderson Jersey
Fabric of the Game David Cone Jersey
Fabric of the Game Willie McCovey Jersey
Fabric of the Game Eddie Murray Jersey
Finest auto/jsy Middlebrooks [PENDING]
SP Signature Edition Harmon Killebrew auto [PENDING]
2013 Bowman Chrome Avisail Garcia auto [PENDING]
Museum Salvador Perez Patch [PENDING]

Non Cards
Picnic Table
Cozy Coupe
Epson Printer
61 Serving Platters
3 Home Security Cameras
Panthers Jersey
Paula Deen autographed menu
Windows Vista
Mega Bloks Barn Set
Scrapbooking Machine

$543.24 total

Keepers (for now)
2013 TTT Cespedes GUx3 Auto
Fabric of the Game Canseco Jersey
Absolute Heroes Canseco Jersey / Cap
2 Security Cameras


  1. Windows Vista for a buck? You overpaid.

    1. Haha, I'm ok with that ... as long as someone else is willing to overpay for it as well!

  2. The Paula Deen autographed menu is pretty cool... especially for two quarters. This is going to sound kinda crazy (and I'll probably regret putting this in writing)... but I sorta had a crush on Paula Deen a few years ago (in a Betty White kind of way).

    1. LOL - admitting it is the first step. I love how you qualified it as "in a Betty White kind of way". It reminds me of that King of the Hill episode where one of the guys said "She is twice as hot as Ann Richards, and Ann Richards is HHHHOTTT!"