Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bagwell & Biggio Rare 90's Mirror Cards! - The Boomerang Effect

Less than a month ago, I picked up a large collection of rare 90's inserts.  I sold them off very quickly, and found the buyer reselling some of the cards that I liked out of the collection, so what did I do?  I bought them back! 

They are real beauties.  1997 Pinnacle Certified Mirror Red / Blue / Gold Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio's - They are all for sale, and, cheaper than what you will find them for on ebay, so if you are interested, let me know!

Here is the eye candy ...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Selling My Childhood...

The past few months have been quite a whirlwind.  I've sold everything.  Then I bought a collection of cards, and sold it.  Then I bought another collection of comics and ...and sold it. 

Right now, any and all lingering cards from deals and purchases are gone!  If his name isn't Canseco, I don't have a card of him right now, aside from a few cards I'm holding for someone until this weekend. 

The past few weeks alone, I scored a killer card collection and a killer comic collection that I had written about.  Each was a HUGE rush to get, but now they are gone.  Sure, I have plenty of other stuff to sell, but as far as cards, there is basically one thing left:  my Canseco collection. 

I don't know why I get like this, but if I don't have any sports stuff to sell, I start selling pictures on my walls...anything!  The blaring thing that sticks out right now is the Canseco collection.  The collection I have worked on for the better part of 25 years. 

There are about 3,000 cards, several autographed 8x10's, a few autographed baseballs, game used cards, etc.  All of which is for sale.  I spent an hour or two today taking pictures, doing some videos, etc. 

I have put in a small cubby in the hutch of my desk the picture I took with Canseco, the ball he personalized for me, and a few of my favorite cards I have of him.  On the wall next to me is the autographed bat my wife got me, and a few autographed 8x10's of him. 

Here are a few pictures of what I'm keeping: 

Hopefully this makes me look more like a fan, and less like a serial stalker!  (Seriously, y'all - it was getting out of hand.  Too much Canseco stuff on my walls.)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the collection I have up for sale is at $999.33 obo on ebay with $40.40 shipping.  Pictures and videos of everything are there as well:

Feel free to make an offer!