Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Man, I love wheeling and dealing!

Since I started this blog, I have had lots of folks come over personally or grab cards via mail - one even from the Netherlands. So far, everyone has been super happy with what they have gotten from me. I have even gotten some repeat "customers". While I wouldn't call myself a dealer, I will confess that as a child, I aspired to be one. There was a baseball card shop in California where I grew up called "The Bullpen". The owner Mike was my hero. I was able to see him since moving to Texas several times while visiting my folks when they still lived in Cali. It was fun to know that even while nearly 15 years had passed, he still remembered me. Ah, I still remember that free stick of bubblegum from that pack of 1985 Topps he offered me which nearly split open my tongue whilst chewing.

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  1. WHILST!! I actually have a friend that uses that word for real. She rocks my world!