Thursday, December 15, 2011

300,000 Cards Coming Sunday, Sunday Sunday!

Over the past week or so, I've sold some of the boxes of cards I had for sale.  Some of them are being busted online by a newfound baseball blogger buddy over at - check him out and friend him!  Lets hope they get some good stuff, but not too good of stuff that I regret having sold them (KIDDING!)  I think the group break goes on tonight!  Someone else bought a few boxes today and will probably buy about 8 more.  Finally, I have someone who may purchase the rest of what I have.  Not completely sure yet though. 

So, about the 300,000 cards - Santa Claus, (I named my good friend who is a baseball card dealer Santa Claus because he brings me cards all the time from our behemoth deal) emailed me last night asking if I wanted to meet him at his storage unit Sunday morning before church, bright and early.  He said he had 300,000 cards ready!  I'm pretty stoked about this because it has been about a half a year since I got some from him, I believe. 

As I go through them, I'm sure I'll post the fun things that I get. 

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