Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Topps Complete Sets for your College Tuition

So, admittedly 2012 has not been the best to me so far just yet when it comes to work. Very many hard things to go through, that have made me pull out my hair. I just noticed that I had not made a blog posting in a very long time ... since last year, in fact! I know it has been less than 2 weeks, but that seems to be an eternity.  

I was just thinking about a deal I made a while back, and it stemmed from what many parents/grandparents did back in the 80s/90s.  They bought their child/grandchild baseball cards in hopes of paying for their college tuition.  It was seen as a solid investment, thanks to the skyrocketing interest and prices in baseball cards from that time period. 

Well, I ran into such a person - it was a college kid who realized his topps sets he was given (one a year from 1983 to 2006, I believe) wasn't quite going to pay his way through Harvard, so he wanted to unload them. 

And unload them, he did.  He sold them for what a few college books from your local community college would go for.  That is a far cry from putting you through college.  Could you imagine?  That was the mentality back then though.  What a bummer to realize the true value of cards are a mere fraction of what you thought they would be worth! 

It was fun to have that run of Topps sets.  I didn't hang onto them for long, as I had purchased a large collection the day before, for about $1,000 that had many jersey/autographed cards and then sold everything as a lot for $2,000 to someone else.  I was able to keep some pretty cool stuff too, which is always nice! 


  1. I am surprised that they fetched enough to buy even a single college book. This last semester, one of my son's accounting books alone were over $300 - just one class! Looking at the bookstore bills of our two oldest kids, I realized that it cost more than an entire year's tuition at UCLA when I went. (just under $1,000 for a year when I went).

  2. WOW - ok, maybe I should have revised it to say less than a third of a price of a college book. Goes to show you how far removed I am from college!