Tuesday, June 2, 2015

EXCITING Ebay Purchase! Then Seller Refunds and Sells to Someone Else. Block this dude.

Yesterday as I was going through ebay, I found a card I really wanted.  A 2013 Panini dual patch card of Jose Canseco.  #2 of 10.  I saw it and just had to have it!

Nice dual patch, #'ed to 10.  What isn't to like?  I know many of you aren't into this kind of card, but for me ... this is what I'm about!

After talking to him, he said he would take $25 for it, to which I said ....

After promptly paying, and going about my business for the day, I couldn't help but notice myself daydreaming about my new treasure.

How would the new card look with all my others?  Where would I display it on my desk?  How would the patch pieces feel as I gently brush my mustache up against them?

I PROMISE I'm joking (mostly) people!  I'm not some sort of cardophile here, geesh!

Anyway, later on that evening, as I was searching ebay again, I found MY card

Lol - surely it was a mistake.


I got this email from Ebay:

We're sorry to let you know that jsolden canceled your order and mentioned the reason as I'm out of stock or can't fulfill the order for another reason.

The seller refunded $27.04 back to your original payment method, and you don't need to do anything else.
I promptly wrote him telling me that is completely unfair, and he needs to take the listing down because it is my card.  
Well ....

I wrote him again.

"I apologize.  The buyer told me how much it was worth, offered me $50 and I took it."

I asked him if his name / integrity was worth the $20 or so extra he got, and told him he should do the right thing to refund the other buyer, and ultimately just called him out for his scum-baggery.

In the end, he did nothing.  He chose to take the money, and I lost on the card I had wanted.

As it turns out, a fellow Canseco collector friend of mine picked it up.  He told me that apparently the buyer had told him that he had 3 other offers, and he assured me he wasn't the one who contacted him to re-list.

I sure would love to know who contacted him to list it, because that was just so incredibly unethical. Plus, I won't be able to get the card that should be rightfully mine.

Anyway, that's that.  Thanks for sharing in my misery.  In the end, it isn't a big deal - but for me, when life gives you lemons ... write about it!


  1. Truly a bummer when an eBayer pulls crap like that. Suffice to say, though, that you can easily make something much more well-designed. How you aren't working for for one of the major card companies is beyond me.

  2. If you were corresponding back and forth through Ebay they should be able to access your communications. I would make a complaint. That seems like a violation of some kind. At the very leas that seller should get some kind of warning.

    1. Yeah, he has been reported but I am not sure if he is going to have anything done about it.

  3. I am with Hackenbush, I have never had a situation like this happen but there has to be some way to complain about the situation. Not that I would think eBay will do anything besides mark his account similar to a non-paying bidder mark but at least it could be used against him in the future if he does it again.

    1. Ideally, I think he should be suspended but we'll see what happens I suppose!