Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Everything's Better at Mouschi's!

One of my favorite things to do is to fabricate stories and write about them.  Here are a few to refresh your memory (which I'm sure are on the forums if you search for them)

The infamous 1990 Donruss Rated Rookie Frank Thomas

My invisifractor - the invisible card that actually ended up selling for over $100 on ebay (but the buyer never paid.)  Video here  (the term "invisifractor" is still widely used in the hobby today, which I'm quite proud of!)

The hot new release "FOUR ONE" that featured gross pieces of teeth, nails etc. of baseball players

Perhaps one of my favorites though, is the Mouschi Grocery Store story.

I had a TON of people write in saying how hilarious they thought it was.  Many others didn't read the whole way through and just ended up congratulating me on finding my white whale.  LOL!  (I can't blame them though ... I can be a bit long winded, can't I?)

Here is a summary - In 1985, the grocery store, "Mouschi's" had members of the Huntsville Stars sign for them.  Jose got called up, and could not fulfill the autograph promises of the store, so all the cards were destroyed ... except for one.  This one:

At long last!  My white whale hath beached itself upon my shoreline.  :)  (Seriously, dude ... read the story if you haven't already!)

The end of the story finally brings it to my collection.  What would make this card SUPER sweet?

If Jose had actually signed it like he was supposed to back in 1985, of course!

Ah yes, another super nice ending to a fun story line - several months in the making.

But that isn't all!  I love building on previous story lines such as the '90 Donruss Thomas.  Do you remember the color explosion at the Donruss factory that netted me these beauties?

I was grateful to be able to meet them in person and get them signed.  Frank Thomas even said he thought the cards I did were awesome - how cool is that?!

Later on, I did a Will Clark as well.  You didn't think I'd forget Jose ... right?

Did you see what was hanging as an advertisement in the background?  No?  Look at the last picture again, behind his head.

That's right!  Mouschi's was pretty big time back then :)

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  1. If you ever want to get rid of the Glavine ......:-)