Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun with Micro Cards - Time Capsule Relics

After spending countless hours on this latest custom, I figured it warranted writing an article about it, and sharing some pictures about how my newest creation was born.

But first, I'd like to show off a few custom booklet cards I did for my pc a while ago - I actually redid them and bought one touch magnetic holders for them.

Here is my "Tanner's Thread's" booklet v. 2.0:

And the 2.0 version of the Rookie recollection book (the one I did with actual pieces of Canseco's rookie cards, along with game used pieces of his jersey and bat)

They fit awesome and I love how I can now display them. I actually didn't even bend them into a book, because I'm just displaying them. They look very clean this way ... this is the first time I have not bent custom books!

Now, onto today's custom ...

I was working on a card for a forum member who wanted some memorabilia embedded in his card, but I cannot talk about it yet ... very top secret, hush hush stuff! :) While I was doing it though, I had a new idea for a custom.

This probably ended up being my most difficult custom to pull off to date (plus it took me a LONG time!)

Do you remember these sets?

Cute cards! (I say that in the manliest way possible, btw.) If you are like me, these tiny cards were never appreciated - just like the various 7-11 discs, sunflower see cardboard discs, etc. They just didn't fit the collection ... metaphorically and literally speaking. Think: 1989 bowman. I mean really ... what do you do with these???

I had a few 1992 topps micro Jose Canseco, and my goal was to create something meaningful with them ... and I think I did!

Photoshopping the design took a loooong time. My wife helped out a bit. During the day, I was working on it, and things were going well. I went back upstairs to the office to work a bit more on it this evening, and sadly, my design work took a nosedive. Each rendition got to be worse than the last. That's ok though ... that happens. Shake it off, right?

After designing something on screen, I was finally happy with something I came up with (again, thanks to some of my wife's input as well!) However, then comes the countless print tests. Ooooh, if these were all there were ...

At long last, I got it wrapped up, and worked on the framing of the card (what will house the minis)

Lots and lots of cutting, gluing, etc. A long, long time later, I had this ....

That was to hold the micro cards in place. I had to glue the inner frame to the plastic, which was glued to the main card frame. They almost look like a pair of viewfinders don't they?

The micro cards seem to fit nicely!

There you have it!

Forgive all the pictures ... I'm one proud papa right now.

One of the more unique things about this card is that the back is see through also, so you can see the back of the cards as well.

Finally at home in its one touch:

Last but not least, the back in the one touch.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nice little $10 garage sale find

So, I guess today officially starts up "garage sale" season. I have been out of it for a while because I haven't been finding many things. Today, we did good though. My wife was uber excited to get out there.

It started out slowly, but we did end up getting some cool things, like several ps2 games & dvds (including nearly the entire Scrubs series) for a quarter a pop - can't beat that! Also picked up some furniture pieces, and other miscellaneous items. But I know you all don't care about that stuff much.

These sales are few and far between, but I did see a family selling their cards. I saw a few junk wax era complete sets, along with a box full of pages with cards in them. They said they would take $1 per set. Why not? I asked - then I asked how much would it be for all the cards, and they seemed a tad shocked I would be interested. They said $10, so I took the gamble.

Here are some pics :)

A huge box of topps cards in pages

some autographs that are personalized - they look to be from John Elway (can you say custom cut auto soon?), Earl Campbell, Lawrence Taylor, Vinnie Testeverde (I think) and Phil Parsons.

Purty cool!

He said there was some hank aaron, etc. I thanked him and was thinking ok sure ... turn back the clock 80's stuff. Well, I kept going through some cards, and lo and behold ... some vintage!

Note the Rickey Henderson rookie, Reggie Jackson, Hank Aarons and Johnny Benches!

Then more ...

Several of the earlier cards are a bit rough ... not beat to death, but not pristine either. That is fine though - heck of a pickup and I'm happy as a clam with them.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Custom Baseball Family Booklet

What card do you want so bad, that you have dreams about it at night? What makes it so attractive to you? Is it the 1 of 1 mark on the back? Perhaps the colored patch configuration. Or maybe it is simply because you cannot seem to get your hands on it.

A friend was close to pulling the trigger on a buyback card - it was an early 90's 5 cent card that had a 1/1 stamp on the front. The price tag was $275 and he was considering it. This sort of thing is not for me, but clearly, there is a market out there. The company brand has tons of value...obviously!

In the past 7 or so months of doing customs, I've become a firm believer that just because a piece of cardboard has the logo of a major card company, doesn't make it the only collectible & desirable type of card out there. In fact, I've had several people come to me saying the customs I have done for them are hands down, the most prized posession in their own collection. What a compliment! I'm grateful to be able to do this.

I'm aware that custom card making also has its fair share of people who don't care for them. Take for instance, the person who offered me a crispy one dollar bill for a jumbo patch Ivan rodriguez game used card (which sold for significantly more just 30 minutes after his offer). He wrote me and said "nothing personal - your card just isn't from a major card company."

Others, however, DO get it. They see that customs may just be an evolutionary step into collecting. I tend to think that way for my personal collection, anyway. The best cards I have are what I've made. This is a story of a custom (two actually) that I have done for someone who wanted something special that represented he and his father playing ball.

Recently, I got this in the mail:

Inside the box, were a few jerseys

and several autographs

This customer wanted to have a booklet made of he and his father, with autographs and game used material. He ordered one booklet made for him and one for his dad. I've gotta say, I LOVE this idea. I really enjoy making the family type of cards! It is so cool to see how some index cards, old jerseys, and emailed pics can materialize into something collectible.

Before I forget, here are some pics he sent over ...

In my past article, someone brought up how I had a picture on my blog of one of my dogs sleeping on my shorts while I was making my first booklet back in March. I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, I am fully clothed when making customs for my customers. I now keep everything professional...

The jersey is no longer just game used ... it is custom used as well!

Here are some pics of the finished product:

Both together!

That is all she wrote! As a side note, thank you Luis, for allowing me to work on these for you. I hope you all enjoy the heck out of them!

Also, rather than making another blog posting about this, I figured I'd double up here on my blog to show off some others right quick ... I confess, I watch the Vampire Diaries ... and I love it. I wanted to post a few customs I made last night to be sent out for autographs ... hopefully I'll get them back signed! I made a Lost card as well ...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun with Magazines

As a child of the late 80's and early 90's, I grew accustomed to the various magazines. While Beckett was a staple in my day to day reading (gotta keep an eye on those up and down arrows!) I was familiar with the oversized tuff stuff, and "high end" legends magazine. While Beckett had them all beat by a longshot, the other magazines had wonderful articles and even tried to spice up their offerings with some free panels of cards.

Even as a kid, I don't think I ever put much value on these. I always kept thinking about a faux 1969 Topps Canseco with edges so uneven, it looked like a 10 year old tried to cut them out with scissors. (Read: At 10 years old, I tried cutting some out with scissors ... and it sucked!)

In my recent 1,000,000 card acquisition, I had forgotten about some boxes of magazines piled beneath some boxes of cards. Over the past few days, I decided to check them out.

My, how they brought back memories. Remember some of these advertisements?

I don't think any family actually did this ... did they? Well, scratch that ... my family does now. But CERTAINLY not over action packed!

Check out this one. All the kids are probably now in their 30's. Note the kid in the front sporting a '91 stadium club Dave Justice like a boss.

There was even what I think, was probably one of the first advertisements PSA ran. Okay, maybe it wasn't ... but it sure as heck was old, and I don't think that back in 1992, I had even heard of PSA before! Heck, I did my own grading thanks to that neat little plastic contraption that they used to sell which would tell you how off center your card was.

As I leisurely leafed through some of the pages, I still saw many of the uncut panels in-tact....of course. Who in their right mind would have taken them out anyway? I mean, who would want all kinds of Michael Jordan ... and Ken Griffey Jr. and .... wait ... they have Cansecos in here? MC Hammer? Cal Ripken? Dude ... GOLD MINE!

I figured, what the heck?! Over time I could probably get some good money out of these puppies. They aren't ugly! Well, most of them anyway.

Here are a few neat little gems I found and decided to cut out:

Griffey in the minors

A true Shaq odd ball rookie from 1992

A beautiful artwork piece of Frank Thomas with football and baseball attire, ala Bo Jackson

Last but not least, a nice 1992 true rookie of Mike Piazza as a minor leaguer

I even decided to cut a few magazine covers for some reason.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought how cool these beautiful pieces would be as cut cards. Then late last night I thought HEY! I have this!

That's right folks - you guessed it. A real Pete Rose autographed action card with his tooth flying out of his mouth. If you look closely, you can see the tooth fairy carrying his tooth up to the heavens from his chin. Actually, I had purchased a few cases of the Rose blasters last year, and I threw that one in my custom fodder pile since no one would have wanted to purchase that card due to the defect.

With a little time, I yanked the auto and put it on a custom creation


Here is the card I did on top of the magazine it came from (well ... a duplicate mag I had, that is!)

Then magically being lifted up from the magazine ...


By the time I got done going through the magazines, I admit I was bummed to find the last box was actually a bunch of basketball complete sets. I was having a lot of fun. I never thought I would have enjoyed going through them as much as I did.