Monday, September 21, 2015

$1200 Worth of Cards LOST through USPS?!?!?!

Remember the post office picture post I made? That deal didn't come without stress. After that fun back and forth on pictures, we waited. And we waited. And we waited.

$21 on insurance for 2 day priority ... and it just said "Acceptance" for the first whole day on the tracking number. Then on the entire second day. It was said that sometimes USPS is in a hurry so they don't scan everything. So much for the $21 to ship, but I wasn't worried about that. I was worried about the cards!

I went out to greet the mail lady to see if she had something to sign, and she looked like at me like I had 2 heads. In a cruel twist of fate, I did get a piece of junk mail from the sender's city.

The next day ... "acceptance". Still nothing.

Thursday, the mail lady finally asked "what are you looking for?" So I told her, and she said "Oh, it will probably get here tomorrow." It made me feel MUCH better, though, I'm not sure why. I mean, how could she possibly know what the package was?

Friday came, and I heard her knock on the door (YAY!) I had my son put our dogs in the backyard, but "the big one" decided to get loose and meet the mail lady at the door. "GET YO DOG!!!" She said. I felt awful - she probably must have thought that she was about to be eaten!

Anyway, the package was finally here!!!

It can NOT be understated how .... secure .... this box was. I mean, the man must have spend $42 on tape alone!

After about 7 and a half hours of un-taping it, my burning forearms had just enough strength to open the box.

And then I found another taped box.

The sender actually put my name and number on the box inside the box saying "if lost, contact Tanner" - brilliant!

So, 42 minutes and $17 worth of tape later (I'm kidding Razor - not complaining about it at all - I appreciate you making it all secure for me!) my prizes were here!

A Donruss autograph numbered to /15.

Beautiful on card Ultimate Signature Supremacy which I had never seen before

Red Ink Tier One released in Asia /5 (the first one!)

and its red ink asian brother /5 (the first one as well!)

This card type is incredibly tough. Not just this card in specific, but this card type. The 2004 Prime Cuts II set has 20 Canseco cards. All but one are numbered to 1 or to 5. The only "base" card (no auto or gu) numbered to 50 went for $40 if I recall correctly. I don't ever see these pop up. This one is numbered to /5.

Last but certainly not least, is the whole reason the trade happened to begin with. 2014 Framed Museum silver ink /5. While these signatures are notorious for not looking crisp, I'm happy to report the signature in person looks much better in person!

This card, for me, marks the reason why it is *literally* impossible to collect ALL Canseco cards even if you aren't going for all 1/1's. Never mind the fact that some obscure cards out there are impossible to find; if they are numbered to 5 and of Canseco, the odds are they may be locked up in other collections. This Museum for instance - I already know where the other 4 are, so if I didn't do a trade for it, it simply would not have been available for possibly years or even decades.

This card completes a non 1 of 1 framed museum rainbow for me as well! They are some of my favorite looking - if not my favorite looking cards ever! Here are all the Museums together.

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