Saturday, September 6, 2014

Starting my own card company - first offering inside!

OKAY, so maybe I'm not starting my own card company ... but I am looking and making some patch cards for the public. I've been accepting art commissions for a while now, so this is the first time I've made something cool to sell as-is like this before.

As I watch baseball games these days, I can't help but see nothing but players wearing awesome patch cards all over themselves. As the camera zooms in, I think OOOHHH ... what an awesome letter set Samardzija would make ... not necessarily Ryu, though. Or ... OOOOH what an awesome commemorative patch they are sporting this year ... would look great embedded into a 2.5x3.5 card!

Needless to say, I have been really itching to buy some game used items and make cards out of them to sell some and keep some for myself. I broke down and bought a game used Rangers baseball cap of Ivan Rodriguez to cut my teeth on.

It is a beauty and even has the written # under the bill!

But then, something terrifying happened ....


Up to this point, as you know, everything I have made that I show off for the most part is Canseco - and that stuff basically stays in my personal collection for my own enjoyment.

Here is the Pudge Cap Button 1/1 card:

and standing up

I'm limited of course in doing something like this because I don't have the ability to use pictures or logos, so I skipped the logos and team name, and did a digital sketch enhancement in lieu of a picture.


  1. Awesome! Your customs are insanely cool. Can't wait to see how you incorporate that Pudge autograph into a future custom.

  2. I second that. Love it. Want it.

  3. I don't have many, but I have some recent photos of some Indians players and some visiting teams if you would like to use a few for some cards.

    1. Thanks! If you have any super star players that would be cool.

  4. WOW! I'm speechless! That's one bloody relic card!