Monday, February 10, 2014

Lookie at what I got ...

Just a bit of a brag here - mainly because I'm bursting at the seams excited here.


A BIG shout out and thanks to two people:

Ryan, for hooking me up with the guy who had this card - check his link here:

and Rasmus, my new collecting bud from Sweden who gave me a rocking good deal on it.  check his link here:

Can't wait until I get the redemption in from Topps!


  1. Cool, another European card collector !

  2. The redemption code has been redeemed ... now we wait for Joe Topps to send me my card!

  3. wow thanks very much tanner. guys there is an email on there but incase not you can email me on google.

  4. i will be updating it very soon!!!