Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday and Saturday Pick Ups

I feel like I'm a high roller with all the money I've been putting out recently for cards!  Actually, I've been putting up record breakingly low prices for things.  I'm not sure how I keep running into these deals.  Many of them aren't super-awesome-fantastic.  They are just THERE, and they are not a risk, because I know at a minimum, I can make a small bit off of them.  Particularly, these $10-20 deals I run into that I feel confident I can have fun with, then pull $20 profit out of or so. 

Friday night, I met up with a dude who wanted to basically just get rid of his collection.  It was good and ungood.  I got home and found several cards in horrible condition, but there were some Griffey rookies, some vintage commons, etc.  I figured I'd be able to make some off of it, after having fun going through them.  There were even a few autographs, so that was nice. 

Tonight, I met with the same guy whom I got the cards on Thursday as well as the jersey.  Such a nice guy!  He kept throwing things at me - Ultimately, I got an 8x10 autograph of a football HOFer, a Darvish chrome rookie, Eddie Mathews game used bat card, Astros hat, Orioles blanket, McDonalds bucket of Scooby Doo for my son, and some other stuff ... all for the price of about what I could get for the 8x10 auto. 

That wasn't the awesome thing though.  While garage saling with my wife this morning, we found a girl who was a nutso Astros fan.  I walked up the driveway, and saw only her husband.  There were some binders of cards with decent stuff, though it was overpriced.  I did see a bunch of bobbleheads.  I made an offer for all of them to clear them out, and they gave me a great deal.  After talking with the wife for a while, she said she had a bucket of autographed baseballs. 


They were not gradable quality, and they were mainly of lower players, but I was able to pick them up for a *very* good price.  There were about 15 autographed balls altogether.  I also picked up a few cool Jeter items. 

It was great, because I hardly ever find any cool baseball/sports stuff at garage sales.  While I can't say I hit the jackpot, I would say today was a total winner. 

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