Friday, March 30, 2012

How I'm spending my Friday Night ...

My wife and son are out of town, so I decided to get a few boxes of baseball cards (2012 topps value boxes), rent a few redbox dvd's and order some pizza.  Lo and behold, I've got a pretty fantastic Friday night going!  I sat down and turned on the tv ... Yankees / Phillies.  What?  You mean I have cards to open, pizza, a baseball game on and movies for later????  Wow...this is turning out well, considering they are gone for the weekend. 

I just saw Pineda for the first time in pinstripes ... and he got pounced.  I pulled a Mantle refractor on the first box (yeah!) saw Papelbon for the first or second time as a Phil...the good times just keep coming.  Here is a pic to prove the goodness of this evening. 

Ok, back to the game and cracking open the rest of the boxes!

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