Friday, December 2, 2011

1987 Donruss Albert Pujols Rated Rookie?!?

I am a web developer who apparently has too much time on his hands this fine friday afternooon.  I have been thinking about posting this rare 1 of 0 1987 Donruss Albert Pujols Rated Rookie baseball card.  Sure, King Albert was only 7 at the time of production of 1987 Donruss, but who am I to argue with the King that he can or cannot have a gotee - and play on an MLB team at such a young age? 

Such a beauty!

So of course, this is a photoshopped card, but I couldn't resist.  You can download the psd template from here if you would like to make some of your own.  I challenge someone out there to put this picture in their PC and see if anyone requests a trade for it.  That would be hilarious!  Just make sure you write back on my blog how it went down. 

Oh, and 5 extra points for trying one of these...

Hmmm...this kind of makes me want to build an entire trade bucket filled with fake cards.  Churning out 1988 Fleer Ken Griffey Jrs and 1991 Upper Deck Derek Jeters might be fun!


  1. ron swanson should be eating a steak... lol

  2. there is definitely something wrong with that Pujols... its centered! love the site.

  3. LOL good one about the centering. Oh and Kristin ... yes .... what is that place named again that he liked to keep flecks of meat in his mustache? I don't recall.