Monday, March 10, 2014

1989 Upper Deck Bryce Harper Star Rookie w/the Expos

Move over Griffey, there is a new hot-shot in the 89 Upper Deck checklist.

Introducing:  1989 Upper Deck Bryce Harper Star Rookie in an Expos uniform!

I stayed up much too late (once again) working on customs and this was the one I was really trying to work out..

I'm loving doing this!


  1. Nice custom. Love seeing him in the Expos cap and jersey.

  2. Is there any way that I can get one of those?

  3. Nice. Wish it was a real "official" product. Would love for the Nats to wear Expos throwback Unis. They are after all the SAME FRANCHISE.

  4. Fuji and CaptKirk42, Thank you much and I agree - they should play games in Expos Unis as well.

    J. Meeks I love to wheel and deal - hit me up at ... you have a great blog btw!

  5. Hey bro....LOVE the card! Send me a price on that piece (or we can trade)....Thanks!